Meeting customer commitments is the company's first priority. To provide flexible and prompt supply to its customers,
MHTL manages a fleet of tankers for its liquid cargoes, with nine (9) dedicated methanol tankers and three (3) UAN

The fleet comprises the following vessels:

Vessel  DWT 


San Fernando   48,315
Pigeon Point  48,315
Las Cuevas 45,299 

Caroni Plain


MT Store Bay


Maracas Bay


MT Grande Riviere


Buccoo Reef


Gran Couva


Forres Park

Claxton Bay  36,400

For its containerized cargoes, MHTL works with its marketing centres to deliver melamine via a closely managed

logistics network to strategically placed warehouses worldwide.

MHTL maintains global storage facilities for all products, with major storage hubs in North America and Europe.

Our customers can count on us to provide a safe and reliable supply anywhere in the world.  

With multiple production units in Trinidad, a large base of dedicated tankers and strategically located storage and

distribution facilities in key markets, MHTL remains a major player in the world petrochemical market, providing world

class service to its global markets.