The company, which is located on the island of Trinidad, has over 25 years of production, marketing and distribution experience in the methanol industry, with an efficient and reliable global supply chain that includes storage facilities in key global locations and a vessel fleet of twelve (12) chemical tankers.

The Company's five methanol plants situated on the Point Lisas Industrial Estate in Trinidad have a combined annual production capacity of 4.1 million tonnes of methanol.

In 2010 the company diversified its operations with the start-up of its AUM operations in Trinidad producing annually 647,500 tonnes of Ammonia for use as feedstock for its downstream operations which comprise a UAN plant producing 1,483,500 tonnes of UAN (42%) solution and two (2) Melamine plants with a combined capacity of 60,000 tonnes of melamine.

MHTL continues to strive to maintain global competitiveness, as the company seeks to improve and grow its business through geographical and product diversification and the use of new technologies and practices.