Methanol Holdings (Trinidad) Limited (MHTL), incorporated in 1999, became the amalgamated entityand successor company of its former subsidiary companies, Trinidad and Tobago Methanol Company (TTMC), Caribbean Methanol Company Limited (CMC) and Methanol IV Company Limited (MIV), in 2004 following a group restructuring and amalgamation. The company’s sole shareholder is Consolidated Energy Limited, which is headquartered in Barbados with its ultimate parent company Proman AG based in Switzerland.

MHTL is headquartered in the Point Lisas Industrial Estate on the island Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies.  Whilst the company was formerly only a methanol producing company,with production capacity of 4.1 million tonnes of methanol annually, it is now a multi-product petrochemical company with the addition and start-up of its AUM facility in 2010 which produces Ammonia, UAN and Melamine. The company’s M5000 methanol plant, which was commissioned in 2005, is still rated as the largest methanol plant in the world with a designed capacity of 5,400 metric tonnes per day.

All of the company’s administration, marketing and shipping operations are housed at its corporate office in Point Lisas. The operations of MHTL’s Methanol and AUM plants have been outsourced to Industrial Plant Services Limited (IPSL), a Trinidadian plant operation and management company.